The Most Basic Vegan Pancake Recipe Ever

These are as basic a pancake as you can get (without summoning the Pumpkin Spice Gods), so basic that they if they could come to life and sprout humanoid limbs, they would probably wear UGGS to go see a Celine Dion book signing at a IMG_5640Yankee Doodle Candle Store.Yeah, that basic. I’ve made quite a few variations on the pancake theme over the years, but I really wanted something that would be both a good jumping off point for adding flavors/spices and that you could make with just ingredients you should have on hand in your pantry.  No egg replacer that you probably used once and let expire, no fishing around in the freezer for those black bananas to thaw and mush up. Just the basics for these basics.


Basic Vegan Pancakes

2 C Unbleached All Purpose Flour

2 C Unsweetend Plain Almond Milk (or whatever NOT chocolate almond milk you have around the house. You can also just use water. Ultra basic)

3T Sugar (use the sugar you have, whatever level of bougie it is. If you want to use Agave, go for it. Mix it in with the wet ingredients)

1T Baking Soda

2 T Vegetable Oil

1 T Lemon Juice (optional)

  1. Take all of the dry ingredients and put them in a fucking mixing bowl
  2. Grab a whisk or fork with your unclenched fist and mix up the dry shit
  3. In a DIFFERENT F’NG MIXING BOWL combine the wet ingredients and whisk/fork them together
  4. Pour the wet stuff into the dry stuff and mix until JUST COMBINED
  6. Pour out a quarter cup or so of batter for each cake onto a pre-heated griddle. Yes, go back in fucking time and turn your griddle on high, then come back to right after you read this direction.
  7. Cook like you would cook pancakes. Put some oil or margarine on the griddle, cook them cakes in it. Make em look pretty like the picture.
  8. Fucking Eat.


Are they basic? Yes. Do they fucking taste good?  Yes. Are they a light fluffy cloud? No. IMG_5644These are pretty fucking dense, so don’t overmix the goddamn batter.  You can serve these up topped with some Vegan Butter, Syrup, Jam, preserves, some other sauce, stir some berries into the batter, or you can cook them up with some Vegan breakfast sausages like in the picture here. Do what you want, just enjoy your breakfast food items and fucking rage.



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