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Going To California?! Fuck Yeah!

People like Texans (eye roll) love talking about how much they hate California (way more eye rolls).

“Dang ol California, man.  Eatin all them vegetables and goddamn hippie pot head liberals”

3fb5d1bd906a5626694d0fdbe694195e-california-love-southern-californiaShut your goddamn mouth, Texas. You have an abundant coastline (like California), Sunny fucking weather (like California), Austin (like a mini California from a time when California wasn’t a goddamn startup nightmare), and there are even some great Vegan restaurants like California. Y’all Texans and Californians need to hug it the fuck out.

Anyway, people either love or hate California, and I fall into the former category.  I love Cali, Norcal, Southern Cali, wherever.  It really suits my needs and the climate makes my aging Midwestern bones a tad less squeaky.  Is nice.

My point is that a few of the people in the VV headquarters are heading to Los Angeles tomorrow, so I put together a small list of places for them to eat during their travels.  I am sharing that list here because 1. It’s not a bad list and 2. It’s relevant.

Places I Would Go To Eat In LA If I Wasn’t Stuck At Home List

Real Food Daily (RFD) 

414 N La Cienega Blvd

Classic Vegan spot, super fucking legit. Multiple locations

Gracias Madre

8905 Melrose Ave

Mexican, all vegan & organic, plus a big fucking tequila & drink menu. Rowdy Vegans drunk on tequila, what could possibly go wrong?

Doomie’s Home Cookin

1253 Vine St # 9

Vegan versions of fried chicken, enchiladas, jalapeño poppers, tacos, burgers & other comfort classics, great place to go after you are done with the tequila party. Also, I don’t know who Doomie* is, but I’m hoping this Doomie is doomy as in St Vitus doom.

Cafe Gratitude

639 N Larchmont Blvd

Hippie joint with organic vegan foods and smoothies, etc. Very chill.


There are like 50 of them in LA. You’ll probably see one every day when you are there. Solid place for those emergency moments where you NEED TO EAT HEALTH FAST FOOD RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Vegan Glory 

Thai food gone all vegan. Reminds me a little of VeggieThai in PDX

980511f7c2575efd9144a4e61be66234208aea25_fullWhere are your favorite places in LA? Leave me some more great ideas in the comments!    I’ll be sitting here in the snow and sub-20-degree midwestern weather waiting for more fucking places to dream about being…

Happy Fucking Holidays,

The Vulgar Vegan



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