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The Food Price Myth


Some goddamn people just don’t get plant based living.  They don’t understand the fucking motivation, they call it “elitist,” the political/environmental/compassion element is questioned or attacked, it’s a free for all of opinions formulated to justify someone’s own selfish agenda.  I mean, why listen to someone who has done the unthinkable and bucked the American societal norm of eating meat?  That would be fucking CRAZY.  There are a few false myths that feed this line of “reasoning,” and today I would like to address one of my favorite/least favorite arguments against eating plant based:

“Vegan Food Is Expensive”

I call bullshit.  When I was a poor as fuck line cook, which is when quite a few of my recipe ideas were born and raised, my budget went like this:

  1. Rent/Utilities/Phone/Other Mandatory Shit: 60%
  2. “Entertainment”: 30%
  3. Food: 10%

980511f7c2575efd9144a4e61be66234208aea25_fullNow, keep in mind that I worked in a restaurant so I did have at least one opportunity to eat for free or cheap most days, but subsisting off your boss’s generosity only gets you so far.  My food budget was probably close to $50-60 a week, which is being generous, and I had to figure out how to make that work.  Guess what, it wasn’t that fucking hard.  I ate well, I went to the Farmer’s Market and bought VEGETABLES (whoa!) and Greens, GRAINS (say what?), and dried beans (I’m pretty fucking lazy, so dried beans usually ended up as a counter decoration in a jar more so than soaking and cooking), I also either bought or made tortillas, picked up organic pasta and some canned goods from our local health food spot, New City Market (RIP, it’s now a barber shop), and tofu, herbs, cabbage, etc from our local Asian foods market.  Occasionally boca burgers, Fantastic Soy Taco mix boxes, Tofutti sour cream, and Tofurky Peppered Deli Slices (all time favorite) would make it into the mix when I was feeling that “treat yo self” vibe.  I ate very well, and on the cheap, leaving plenty of beer money for the “Entertainment” budget. This was also all done by bike, saving hundreds of dollars a month on gas and upkeep on my car (which I eventually sold to someone who actually needed to drive).

It’s really not that hard to eat on a budget, plant based or omni. The key is shopping frugally, cooking actual food, and only using pre-packaged processed things sparingly. Vegan “cheese” seems expensive, when you subsist on a diet of “I HAVE TO PUT CHEESE ON EVERYTHING.” Vegans don’t use “cheez” that way. Also, it’s super simple to make a nutritional yeast based cheese sauce with cashews or potato (the best and cheapest way to get that “nacho cheese” effect, if you’re a Vegan who still loves that “smothered in cheese” way of life. AND IT’S NOT ONLY CHEAP, BUT HEALTHIER FOR YOU AND REQUIRES SO MUCH LESS SUFFERING OF THE COW TYPES!

I could/should go on to the economics of healthy eating vs health care costs, the challenge of feeding a family healthy food on a limited budget when Big Grocery markets nothing but their cheapest garbage processed food as “budget friendly” when all it does is slowly make you sick, or the hurdles encountered when you are eating Vegan with one or more actual food allergies.  Those subjects can wait, I need to eat some fucking food and go ride a bike. Also: Fuck your food price myth bullshit. Try stepping away from your beloved social media and live life in real time.

Have a great fucking day, and don’t eat like an asshole!




4 thoughts on “The Food Price Myth

  1. Hey, man. First off, this isn’t Facebook. Second off, the “person” in this post is really an aggregate of all the dumb conversations I’ve had over the last 15 years about the subject. It wasn’t meant to be about you, nor would anyone who reads this personal blog know that. So, I’m not twisting your words here, I’m really just using our conversation as a jumping off point to talk about people that have been much more ignorant, up till now, to me about things. Also, if no one cares what are you doing here spouting off more of your bullshit? I blocked you because you’re an ignorant butthole, and you are also MORE than proving it by following my personal blog, attacking me personally, and attacking my restaurant. We have gotten terrible reviews from day one, every restaurant does. It happens. You don’t even go there, so what do you even know about it? Also, how many restaurants have you worked your ass off to open? What have you really done ever? Get drunk? Try to act funny? Get ignorant towards people on public assistance? What else?

    I don’t act like nor think I’m king of everything food. I have an opinion, and I’ve been writing about food and cooking professionally for decades. Doesn’t mean I’m good, just means I’ve been doing it a long time.

  2. I like Indian food, it is the tastiest way to eat vegetables. After a lot of trial and error, my favorite cookbook is 30 Minute Vegan’s Taste of the East. Minimalist Baker also has good, not too complicated recipes.

    There are a lot of good cookbooks, but when it gets to more than 10 ingredients, it is hard for me to assemble them all. And, a lot of vegan cookbooks use obscure ingredients and fake meat and fake dairy.

    1. I’m a big fan of the MB, and Indian is definitely a most vegan-friendly cuisine. I also agree that when things get complicated that 1. It’s kind of a fucking turn off, even as a professional cooking person and 2. Takes away from what eating plant based should be: simplicity. There are some special occasion recipes that call for a million damn ingredients which are worth it, but in my daily cooking once it gets past 6 or 7 items I start losing interest. I am planning on putting some reviews up of my favorite cook books soon.

      The fake meat/cheese/dairy is where a lot of people base their “vegan food is expensive” stance. If you subsist on a veganized “meat and cheese” diet, it will get expensive fast. True.

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