Who Writes This Shit?


CHEF/CYCLIST/MUSICIAN & FORMER PARTYBOT, on a motherfucking MISSION to reclaim some of that health shit I lost through a “Eat, Drink, & Do Whatever The Fuck You Want” lifestyle, by way of a plant based lifestyle looking to help others get their shit together along the way through words, stupid stories, real facts, and my personal recipes.

We should all strive to feel good, be comfortable with ourselves, live a long and prosperous life, and take no shit.

Don’t Eat Like An Asshole.


The Vulgar Vegan





2 thoughts on “Who Writes This Shit?

  1. Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Holy shit!!! I’m so excited to find this blog!!! You make the best seitan!!! Everything you make is so awesome!!!

    You’re my hero!!!

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